With a proven track record of experiences covering all different kind of malting processes that generated an uncompromising enthusiasm for conceiving and developping  innovative and performing malting equipments, Passion-Malts is pleased to make its know-how at your disposal, for you to develop and customize the processing of your specialty malts, based on your locally grown cereals, at your customers’ quality request.

4 tons to 2000 tons / year

As from 2017,  our different models of automated malting equipments, with a size from 4 to 2,000 metric tons of malt par year will be available, including delivery and installation by Passion-Malts.

Our clients

These mini-malting plants are primarily designed to service the needs of craft brewers and distillers (including or not peating equipment), as well as other industries making use of malted grain flours.


Our international partners and subcontractors are carefully selected so as to offer an extensive range of services with the highest level of performance but always with best and optimized conditions.

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